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Grey Fox Bluegrass 2017

Jenn Xerri, Owner and Artist of Starlily Creations, is caught on camera, dancing up a storm to Johnny's guitar work, as the celebration for bluegrass music at Oak Hill, NY's  Grey Fox 2017 Bluegrass Music Festival, reaches new heights in enthusiasm..!

Grey Fox Bluegrass 2017

Sunday, afternoon in Oak Hill, NY..Alotta rain, but also.. alotta Love and music..!
Playing some lively tunes in front of Starlily Creations.. a terrific clothing and wall hanging design store by Owner and Artist Jenn Xerri.

Brew bakers

Good friends getting together for good music and good food at Brewbakers', in Middletown, CT. Now that's living Large. My high school alumni, Bobby P, and myself, reacquainting, after way too many years chalking up all sorts of experiences!

Brew Bakers

Eloise and Josef Aigner, store owners, along with their terrific employees, working hard to serve their customers!

Brew Bakers

Saturday afternoons are always fun times at Brew Bakers! 

Fairfield University Bookstore

I arrived about an hour early so I could get set up and grab a quick bite to eat before beginning my set. I'd put together some tunes by the Beatles, John Denver, and other artists from the early 70's. This was the first time I'd be using my Boss Looping Station and I was concerned I had my levels right before hand.

I was greeted by Nancy Quinn, the store manager, who made sure I had everything I needed and knew where the electrical outlets were.. It was a leisurely set up in a well lit area just off the cafe portion of the store.

Calf Pasture Beach

Set up just outside the Lifeguard Offices, I began singing and playing on a balmy, warm, sunny afternoon. The Lifeguards being done for the day, it was now safe to fill the air with sounds that would otherwise hamper the safety concerns they were there to enforce and protect. I could've played and played for hours on end.. the gentle crowds seeming genuinely appreciative of the tunes I was so engrossed in.. This was my favorite outing to date, this year. And I can't wait until my next opportunity to get back out there and do my thing.

The Chef's Table

I arrived an hour early and was surprised to see an empty parking area. I grabbed the closest spot to unload my equipment. Inside I met Rich Herzfeld, the owner, and we discussed logistics. His biggest concern was I be sure not to play too loud.. and that a good way to check was if folks were sitting near me or not. 

I noticed the place was pretty empty as I began my set up. Then I chowed down some excellent breakfast food, and began tuning up.   Soon I detected a lot of activity around me.

Brew Bakers

This is the fun Middletown spot to grab lunch, and I always stop by, when in town. Today was not as busy as in the past (the local college held graduation last weekend, and the students are now on summer break). Still.. there was plenty of activity with many coming in to eat and talk. The tables & chairs out on the front walk, with Green Umbrellas shielding those seated, from the hot sun, were also frequented, from what I could see..

I positioned my small amp 12 feet away from where my mic stand and I stood, atop a strong coffee table, where It could be heard better.

Whole Foods Market

Saturday, May 25th, was a delightful day playing fun tunes from the 70's on.. with some of the nicest folks in Fairfield County, down at the Westport Whole Foods Market eating area. Playing my usual list of tunes by the Beatles, James Taylor, Jackson Brown, John Denver, and others from that time, I found myself engaging much of the time with my ever changing audience. Having been a natural food fan for many years, and native to this part of CT, I am most at home in a  health food store setting, I will admit. Much of the time, families with baby carriages and youngsters, who were pretty well behaved I gotta say, were mingling around food tables with the rest of the family, enjoying salad bar fare and other scrumptious morsels from this marvelous store, as I got to play and sing songs that were right from my heart. The biggest lesson I learned this day was the dynamic of good communicating with my listeners. And for that I am very grateful.

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Grey Fox Bluegrass 2017
Grey Fox Bluegrass 2017
Brew bakers
Brew Bakers
Brew Bakers


Brew Bakers
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Grey Fox Bluegrass
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